Recently, the district hasn’t been producing any truly impressive nor influental bands (with the exception of Dischord bands, Darkest Hour, Ted Leo…the list only goes on for so long). I haven’t been able to go to any local band performance and walk out enlightened. However, there are some exceptions. A couple months ago I attended a small show in the backroom of the Black Cat. Two bands were on the bill: the Drugstore Cowboys (post) and the focus of this post, Cutlery. I hadn’t written about these guys after the show only because I hadn’t been able to get my hands on all their tracks. Luckily, I was able to get them from my buddy Joey, and now I can pass some on to you.

Cutlery brings together different styles of music to create one of the most impressive live performances I’ve ever seen. As well as the amazing music, they also have film snippets rolling on the back of the stage while they go through their set. But regardless of the visual effects, Cutlery’s blend of electronic music with driving rock guitar and passionate vocals were enough to provide me with what I saw as an A+ performance. Some songs focus more on synth and computers while others rely more on the instrumental side of the band. The only somewhat negative thing I have to say about the band is that their online recorded material seems to dwell too much on electronics. That being said, there’s all the more reason to check out their live show; Brendan Funkhouser’s impressive guitarwork and Ryan Grimes’ heartfelt vocals are two things you can only really soak in when the band’s playing right in front of you.

Cutlery – Johnny Can’t Be Dead

Cutlery – Karen

Cutlery – Never Forgive Action


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