Lifetime, alive and on tour.

Hey want to know what the utmost rockingest tour of July is? Why, it would be the legendary Lifetime, the incredibly well named The Bronx, and the ever fun Loved Ones. It kicked off today/last night right here in DC and is making it’s way around the East Coast area for the next 8 days (dates can be viewed here).

Now speaking from a pretty unbiased stance (as in I have no huge crush on any of these bands), I can feel that I can declare that if you have any love for punk rock/melodic hardcore/sing-a-longs than this is a tour for you. These bands all clearly have a bit of experience under their belts and knew just how to work the 9:30 Club stage. As I’ve stated before, I like seeing bands in action that don’t just stand their songs and say a couple of witty things to the crowd. While all three of these bands had plenty of wit and banter to share with the crowd, they also had plenty of fine “moves” to show off. The Loved Ones bopped all over the stage and did all of your typical punk rock maneuvering, The Bronx “singer” had a broken foot and yet couldn’t stop hopping all over the place and probably greatly delayed the healing process, and Lifetime more than lived up to their reputation of having absurdly energetic shows. Kind of get what I’m saying? It was a very good night. Honestly the only negative things I can say are that using strobe lights was a bad call by The Bronx in my book, and that I hate people who don’t know how to dance without hurting others or stage dive repeatedly.

While I’m not really trying, I don’t think that I can stress enough (or repeat myself) just how much fun I had this evening and how good of a tour this really is. I guess the only further thing I can do is post a butt load of mp3s, assume some of you will download them, and kind of take those songs as proof of just how solid all of these bands are. It would also be important to note that each of these songs was played live, and sound about 5 to 10 times better in person.

The Loved Ones100k
The Loved OnesHurry up and Wait
The Loved OnesLiving will (get You Dead)

The BronxHeart Attack America
The BronxWhite Tar
The BronxHistory’s Stranglers

LifetimeTurnpike Gates
LifetimeSomewhere in the Swamps of Jersey
LifetimeI like You OK


I’ll write a more reasonable post this weekend, because I know you all have been lacking my lovely insight. Oh yeah, and that picture isn’t from the DC show. I didn’t bother with a camera this time.

5 Responses to Lifetime, alive and on tour.

  1. chaz says:

    I only caught the end of The Bronx set, but Lifetime was pretty great. They played most of their catalog, including an encore, a new song, and a “slow” song (Hey Catherine), and the whole set was like an hour long. True punk rock speed!

  2. Alex says:

    Oops! I totally forgot to mention that new song. I thought it sounded pretty awesome, and while I’ve never been a fan of their slower stuff I did enjoy hearing Hey Catrine.

  3. Adrian says:

    yo biotch, r u going to either the reel big fish show or weakerthans on monday and tuesday, cuz i am!

  4. Alex says:

    I’m going to the Weakerthans. I’m still on the fence about RBF because it costs a lot of money and the head line is MXPX, so you know the crowd is going to suck a lot of dick.

  5. Eric says:

    I’m actually going to see the show tonight in Chicago. Pretty stoked to see all three bands.

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