I’ve spent the past ten days making my first trip ever to Detroit. Primarily here to visit my lovely girlfriend, I also wanted to see what the Motor City had to offer music-wise. Luckily, I’ve been able to see plenty of bands during my stay here, highlights of which include We Are Scientists, AFI, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Say Anything, the Fall of Troy, and my newfound love, Showbread.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I stood outside of Alvin’s, a sketchy but nonetheless cozy venue, for half an hour or so waiting to catch the Michigan stop for the Black Unicorn Tour featuring He Is Legend, The Fall of Troy, Classic Case, and of course, Showbread. I was surprised at the turnout of the show. I’m pretty sure most people were there for the Fall of Troy; it’s great to see how much their fanbase has spread. Anyways, Classic Case began to play pretty much right after the club began to let people in. Once they finished up, five guys clad in black began to prepare the stage for Showbread. I stood there, armed only with the knowledge that the band was signed to Christian label Tooth and Nail. So basically, they could sound like anything.

Now let me begin by saying that Showbread screams, a lot. But no, they are not just some hardcore band, far from it. To best describe them, take the vocal insanity of the Blood Brothers, mash that with the punk intensity of Refused, the glory of 80’s hair metal, and top it all off with a keytar. Some songs lean towards a southern rock sound, while others take a faster punk approach. Their latest full-length, No Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical also includes tracks of other varieties, such as acoustic and electronic, that were not played at the show. Regardless, I was blown away by the bands performance. Lately I’ve been getting sick of shitty hardcore bands giving screaming a bad name. But Showbread does it glory and brings something new and original to the table. If you don’t enjoy their recorded material, then I highly suggest seeing them live. Vocal duties are split between two people, only fueling the chaos of their set. Be prepared to go crazy. Be prepared to dance. But most importantly, get ready to have a good ol’ time. Even if you’re not a fan of the whole screaming thing, Showbread put on quite an entertaining show.

Showbread – A Llama Eats a Giraffe (and Vice Versa)

Showbread – Mouth Like a Magazine

Showbread – If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don’t Die

Showbread – Dead By Dawn

Also, check out their video for “Mouth is Like a Magazine.” It’s pretty cool. The logo on the bass drum pretty much sums up their music: Raw Rock Kills.


8 Responses to Showbread

  1. Wow…I am shocked and appalled at how this is new news to you. They are quite good. That video definitely seals that deal that they own.

  2. Adrian says:

    Yeah, I guess I missed the Showbread train haha. I had heard of them before but didn’t bother to listen. Big mistake!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anything labeled “Christian” (be it music, a band, a record label) instantly lowers my interest in that band. Faith and music go together very well. Just keep it out of my punk rock and I’ll be happy.

    On a hypocritical note: mewithoutYou is one of the best up and coming Christian bands today. They’re amazing and I like them because you can see through the overt Christian references and apply their overall message to a more secular life like the kind I lead.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ah, you went to the 89 X Birthday Bash. I live very close to Detroit and really wanted to go. Were the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs good? Or Rogue Wave if you saw them?

  5. Adrian says:

    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were great, they’re a lot more lively and happier when you see them in person. I didn’t know they smiled. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it for Rogue Wave. The concert was really good, but the people there kind of ruined it. It was hard to actually watch AFI in the end because people were focusing more on pushing people around rather than actually listening to the music. Nevertheless, it was all great and I got to see plenty of awesome bands that I haven’t seen before.

  6. Alex says:

    I have some friends (probably more than i know) that like them, primarily cause these kinds of bands are staples in the orange county music scene and local venues.

    I have a few friends in hardcore/post-hardcore AFI type bands and very few that play nice indie rock and ZERO (besides myself) that play any sort of pop-py music.

    This is the upcoming future of young music, its only time before it starts hitting MTV more, Dillinger Escape Plan has hit Pitchfork for chrissake.

  7. First of all – this is my favourite mp3 blog of all time. You rock my world – literally.

    And now I’ll be blunt: I’m writing an article in Torch Magazine (Missouri Scholars Academy) on mp3 blogs. You all seem more knowledgeable and responsible than many bloggers and you additionally have insight on this “new” wave of interweb downloading…

    Could I have an interview with you? It would need to be through email, and sooner rather than later. I would really, REALLY appreciate it.

    Thanks a million.
    Tina Casagrand

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know exactly how you felt when you heard showbread, I was also coming to alvin’s but when I heard I’d already missed showbread(cause being on time is not my thing) I left. But still the band is amazing and always unexpected. I’m just counting down the days till age of reptiles comes out. Oh, and you’re so lucky you got to go to the birthday bash, I couldn’t.

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