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Sorry for the lack of updates on my part recently everybody. I’ve been up to a lot lately/been lazy, but I’ve definetly got several posts in the works already. So here’s to making up for it all…

The boundaries of punk often overlap with those of indie, folk, and even sometimes country. Artists in the scene often drop the usual get-up for an acoustic guitar, revealing different yet refreshing sides of themselves. Years after the band called it quits, Osker frontman Devon Williams has chosen a similar path. Rather than pursuing an endeavor in the same vein as Osker, Williams decided to try something new with his four-piece folk outfit Fingers Cut Megamachine.

Five years ago Osker, pioneered by William’s masterful songwriting, released what has been one of the most personally influental albums of all time, Idle Will Kill. While remaining faithful to the punk sound associated with their label Epitaph, the record also alluded to changes in the genre to come. It was passionate punk rock. Although his lyrics may not have been poetry, Williams belted out each word with as much soul as the last. The group also managed to keep their own trademark sound; Williams’ distinctive style of distortioned guitar made Osker an easily identifiable band.

Osker – Motionless

Osker – Kinetic

Osker – Disconnect Disconnect

Williams’ now stands at the helm of his new project, Fingers Cut Megamachine. Keep in mind this isn’t just Osker going acoustic. Any bias towards Williams’ previous band should be dropped; Fingers is a whole different project. You can’t mosh to any of these songs. Rather, FCM is more appropriate for relaxing on a sunny day or watching a sunset, depending on the mood of the song. Don’t expect anything revolutionary from Fingers; Williams isn’t quite ready to bust through the ranks of indie songwriters (had Osker continued, that’d maybe be a different story). However, I still think this is music that would appeal to anybody. Although I am still deeply saddened by the split of one of my favorite bands, Williams has managed to satisfy me with a new effort that, although not as energetic or aggressive as Idle Will Kill, still manages to capture the passion of Osker.

Fingers Cut Megamachine – Orange Barrel

Fingers Cut Megamachine – Rough Dreams

Fingers Cut Megamachine – Backseat


4 Responses to Fingers Cut Megamachine

  1. Boaz says:

    recently been reading the hype machine and noticed a link to your blog and more specifically links to one of my favourite bands Osker.

    Although they never really made a name for themselves out here in the UK my friends and I have been huge fans of Idle Will Kill for quite some time now and i was delighted to see their name.

    I’ve been getting into Fingers Cut Megamachine recently too in part because of Devon Williams incredible voice. Anyway, to cut a long story short: great tips,you have yourself a new reader to your blog,

    keep up the cool work,


  2. Boaz says:

    p.s. should also say that your mention of The Ghost was also amazing.

    There is a UK band called Hitechjet which you might like ( Sadly they areplaying their last ever show this evening in London, but still you might be interested in their output,

    take care,


  3. Alex says:

    Glad to hear someone else has a strong love for The Ghost.

    And yay for Fingers Cut Megachine.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work

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