Graduation… Or a post with little to no point other than to exist and take up space. My, that’s a long title.

So on Friday 5 of the 6 of us graduated from high school together. It was monumental. It was touching. It was so god damn hot and boring. Yeah, so a big part of our lives is now complete and none of us seem really phased. We’re pretty good at masking our emotions on the outside. And while I can’t really speak for the other guys, graduation has meant a bit to me and lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking/bitching/watching porn. And while I’ve done these things there have been 4 songs that have been stuck in my head that I think really sum up how I’ve been feeling about all this life changing bullshit and other such things. Enjoy!

ROAR I’m an angsty teenager once again!
The Twilight SingersTeenage Wristband
I never wrote the write up like I was supposed to, but The Twilight Singers have been the best show I’ve seen in almost an entire year. Seriously, shit rocked hardcore. That and this song is adorable in every sense of the word
The GhostThe Exhibition
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have a huge crush on Brian Moss. Oh yeah, this song also has one of my favoritest lines ever. Mad props/money to who ever guesses what it is.
Everyone has a few songs that they feel are perfect in every way and can’t really explain why they actually like them. This is one of my “perfect” songs.


Quick Note: So half of us are right now in a drunken haze at beach week, which means posting may hit a dead spot for a few days unless Ryan wants to finally write something useful or Adrian wants to post those drafts that have been sitting around forever. Personally, I’ve got work, will be leaving town at the end of the week, and really haven’t listened to anything new lately that I think deserves talking about.

9 Responses to Graduation… Or a post with little to no point other than to exist and take up space. My, that’s a long title.

  1. mjrc says:

    congrats, guys. you deserve some time to hang out and drift in the haze of post-graduation bliss, or something like that.

    and alex, i think it’s so cool when guys say they have man-crushes. thanks for sharing!

  2. ! says:

    haha what a picture! congratulations. enjoy the sunshine but please don’t stay away tooooo long

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks, we try our hardest to take humiliating pictures and then post them on the internet.

  4. Congratulations, you strangers, you! 🙂

    I wish you lots of fun and luck and love and all the pretty thoughts that five graduates deserve.

    As for the line in The Exhibition:
    I’ve listened to it twice now…took a break from my writing just to REALLY listen to it. Just to play it.

    So maybe that line, It’s not just how you play but how you listening?


    But I like the July Ice part best. 🙂

    Happy Sunday,
    ~ Ash

  5. Adrian says:

    Sorry, I’ll get to those drafts when I get back home. I just needed to take a break from that month or so when nobody posted but Zack and I! Ba-zing!

  6. informalTAG says:

    Congratulations. Mine is only a week away and I’m still jealous.

  7. Trinil says:

    I don’t know about you, but mine would be “All our friends like us more than we like ourselves”.

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