The Walkmen Live Recording

The humid Washington D.C. swamp air filled the dark streets. Trash and bones were scattered across the fragmented sidewalk. I could see the faint outline of crack heads stumbling around barb wire fences and abandoned warehouses. Then suddenly as I turned a corner, a massive line of hipsters appeared, and it was oddly refreshing. “The Walkmen have returned to D.C.” I exclaimed. As part of our ATG two week concert bonanza, the whole crew minus Adrian and + Alex’s little brother, ended up at Chocolate City’s beloved 9:30 club to witness The Walkmen. I’m sure all of you know who The Walkmen are, but there is more to their history than performing on everyone’s favorite drama, the cleverly named “THE OC.” To us ATG/DC people The Walkmen are much more than a cameo appearance. The Walkmen who most assume are from NYC are actually reppin’ DC. In fact Pete Bauer (the sweatiest of the walkmen) went to the same high school as Zack, Ryan, Alex, and yours truly! And if that isn’t enough, the other four members of The Walkmen attended the prestigious St. Albans school in DC, which is oddly enough where Adrian went to high school. The Walkmen even played at the St. Albans battle of the bands last year! In the GYM! Ok, back to the concert. The Walkmen took over the 9:30 club and blew me away. After seeing them this time, it is very clear to me that their music thrives live. The stage was shaking, bending, bleeding, crying, and begging for more by the end of the show. Matt Barrick brought the house down on drums, as he practically picked himself up so he could drop down harder on each snare and cymbal. The vintage Fender amps, and beat up guitars, added to the gritty drunken sound that the Walkmen have seemed to master. Hamilton Leithauser, the voice behind the Walkmen, also brought his top game, and displayed it in full force. Lifting the mic above his head, flexing his neck muscles and spitting out a passion filled performance. The Concert was well worth it, and I suggest everyone go see the Walkmen if you can.

You can listen/download the entire concert and interviews with The Walkmen HERE.
Thanks to NPR!


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