All Things Go Get Active! Mix(tape)

In the past All Things Go has brought you so pretty solid mixes. They’ve displayed a wide range of taste and appereciation for different genres of music, and have tickled your ears like few other things can. You’ve now fallen in love, driven, gotten high, and fallen asleep to some pretty awesome stuff. And now I’m going to fuck that up. I have been given the task of coming up with a mix for the audience, I didn’t really know existed, that I appeal to. When given this job I immediately knew what type of mix I would be making. It is now summer, the weather is awesome and it’s becoming harder and harder to sit on a computer all day when I could be out playing and doing physical healthy things. This mix is made up of 14 songs that I think have the momentum and energy to get you pumped, outside, and taking full advantage of all the things these long summer days have to offer. So put on some mesh shorts, grab a water bottle, and get ready to get moving.

The Broadways15 Minutes
What better way to start off a mix about enjoying the outdoors than a song that attacks modern day America? Yeah, there is no better way.

Come on, the first two seconds of drumming should be enough to get you off your feet and working up a sweat.

GunmollSong #2
I really don’t have anything to really say about this song other than I really like it when the instruments cut out and there is yelling.

The Gamma RaysAll You need is a Fix
Local DC/MD/VA pop punk at it’s finest. Listen closely and you might realize there is a message in the lyrics.

FifteenThe End of the Summer
Ok so it’s not the end of the summer yet, but it will be soon and when that day comes this song is going to seem to rock even harder than it all ready does.

Hot Water MusicTrademark
Hot Water Music were awesome. That is all that really needs to be said about them and this song.

The Lawrence ArmsThe Corpse of our Motivations
Not going to lie, half the reason this song is on the mix is because I wanted to have The Lawrence Arms on it. The other half is that I think this song is nothing but pure rock and roll energy until the end.

Remember when Propagndhi played really good punk rock as opposed to that crap on Potemkin City Limits? Those were some good times and this song is proof.

Kid DynamiteBench Warmer
One of my top 10 favorite songs and band. I think it would fairly blasphemous to have a mix that is supposed to encourage activity without Kid Dyanmite.

The Blue MeaniesI’m a Have Not
Another one of my all time favorite songs. This one I’ve always lamely considered a personal manifesto.

Screeching WeaselThis ain’t Hawaii
Screeching Weasel is a boat load of fun in my book. That is all.

Grabass CharlestonsGoatcheese w/Milkdud
That guitar riff is going to be stuck in your for a very very very long time.

New BlackDer Spook
New Black typically writes things a little slower, but when they do choose to rock out they do it in an utmost bizarre and wicked fashion.

Dillinger FourThe Great American Going Out Of Business Sale
Now these guys know a thing or two about getting active. Not only do they play some incredible punk rock, but apparently none of their shows are complete without all of them drunk beyond belief, sweaty, and very naked. How yummy.

That’s it, I hope you all enjoy this mix and the fine weather. I’m gonna go ride a bike!


11 Responses to All Things Go Get Active! Mix(tape)

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Jimmy says:

    Thanks! I recently stumbled upon this site, and I love all your mixtapes. I’m gonna hold out listening to this one till I go out biking tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Best mix ever posted on your website. Rock straight to the core without the fancy shmancy “indie” snoozefest.

  4. Anonymous says:

    look at that ultimate frisbee form

  5. Austin! says:

    I like Ziad’s cameo appearence on the back cover

  6. Anonymous says:

    i prefer indie snoozefest. screeching weasel reminds of jr high and the joy of ritalin.

  7. Anonymous says:

    nice butt zack

  8. Alex says:

    Agreed. Doesn’t Zack have a lovely form?

  9. Austin! says:

    No….but he sure does have a nice butt

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