New The Long Winters/The Roots Albums + Tracks

Well one of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time, The Roots, are finally releasing their newest album, Game Theory, on August 29th (which isn’t that soon, but the release date was pushed back from February). I came across two tracks off the new album, one being a rough demo. The first, “Don’t Feel Right” is a very prototypical Roots song, with Black Thought’s poetic flow and ?uestlove’s simple yet powerful drum beat. The other song, “Please Don’t Go” isn’t quite up to their standards, but it’s just a demo, so hopefully they’ll work out the kinks. I must say though, after listening to these two songs and seeing them in concert a year ago, I could not be more excited for this album to come out. Maybe the indie blogosphere will finally give the Roots the credit they deserve.

New songs:
The RootsDon’t Feel Right
The RootsPlease Don’t Go (Demo)

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The RootsYou Got Me (ft. Jill Scott)

On another, completely different note, The Long Winters will be releasing their latest full-length album, Putting the Days to Bed, on July 25th. Their most recent release, Ultimatum EP, featured one of my favorite songs (“The Commander Thinks Aloud”) and the first single off Putting the Days to Bed has got me all excited in my special place. “Pushover” is very upbeat, and features John Roderick’s interesting and slightly off-beat voice, and is much in the vein of previous Long Winters releases. I have already pre-ordered the album (which you can do here), and am awaiting the release (or another leaked track) with utter excitement.

New song:
The Long WintersPushover

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3 Responses to New The Long Winters/The Roots Albums + Tracks

  1. beanie beancakes says:

    i love love love the long winters.

  2. Charles says:

    I wrote a little bit today about the upcoming Long Winters album. It’s great!

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