Elan Vital

A note: Sorry for the lack of updates on everyone but Zack and Adrian’s part. Personally I’ve been too busy reading comic books and frolicking outdoors and really had forgotten about writing until Zack slapped and yelled at me yesterday. That hurt a lot, and was pretty damn scary. So now I’m back, rejoice for more slanted and biased reviews on my behalf!

Now for some music, I was supposed to write a review for the new Pretty Girls Make Graves CD, Elan Vital, about a month ago and never got around to it. In brief, the record is a departure from the familiar PGMG sound (fast/awesome/indie/dance/rock/who-ha), but the group manages to pull it off and really display just how multitalented they all are. Elan Vital is most noticeably a lot slower than any previous PGMG release, but as a I stated above the fine men and women of the band keep you entertained by showing off just how skilled they all are. However, at the same time this was to their disadvantage in my book because the CD left me really hankering some of their fast beats and crazy ass guitars instead of another 4 minute trancey epic. Despite this let down, Elan Vital is really a one of a kind record this year and I am strongly going to recommend you go buy it if you already haven’t.

God damn, that was half assed.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – The Nocturnal House
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Parade
Pretty Girls Make Graves – The Magic Hour


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