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So Dance in my Blood has found its place in my daily bookmark checking routine. Basically, any going-on in the music world related to Daryl Palumbo, you’ll find it here. I was brought to DimB after following a link from AbsolutePunk to some new Palumbo material on which he raps under the alias “Brite One.”

As many of you have waited, here is an MP3 of Glassjaw / Head Automatica frontman Daryl Palumbo rapping.

This is an older track from the 2000. He is rapping over some DJ Planet beats (not DJ Shadow as previously thought since it was labeled that way). His rapping moniker is “Brite One” for those who don’t know. This track is untitled (as most of his demos are). [Source: Dance in my Blood]

It’s an interesting listen. Palumbo’s voice can adapt to any type of music, whether it’s pop, hardcore, or hip-hop. Download the track here.

As for other going-on’s in the world of Palumbo, a teaser was recently released for one of Palumbo’s latest side projects, House of Blow. This time Daryl teams up with Hatebreed’s Sean Martin to create what’s described as “electronica/experimental” music on their MySpace page. Watch the teaser here. You’ll get a clip of Palumbo laying down some of the vocal tracks as well as a rough listen to some of the upcoming material.

That’s basically all the news I wanted to let you all know about. Here are some more random mp3’s featuring Daryl (I had to do some reminiscing)…

Glassjaw – Siberian Kiss: off of Glassjaw’s older album, Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence.

Glassjaw – Tip Your Bartender: first track off of Glassjaw’s last release, Worship and Tribute.

Every Time I Die – Champing at the Bit: Palumbo joined the band to lay down some vocals on the chorus for this track off of Gutter Phenomenon.

Cage – Shoot Frank: Once again Daryl lays down some vocals for somebody else’s song, but this time it’s with hip-hop artist Cage.

And once again, I got all this info from Dance in my Blood. I highly encourage all of you to check it out.



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