New Jurassic 5 Album Release Date Announced

So I have been waiting for the new Jurassic 5 album ever since Power in Numbers, arguably the best hip-hop album this side of 2000, was released in 2003. Marc 7 had been promising a new album release in early first quarter 2006, but the album has finally been given a solid date, July 13th. The new album, appropriately titled Feedback (because of the group’s open, friendly relationship with the fans) may not, however, feature DJ Cut Chemist, one half of the DJ duo that makes the beats for Chali 2na, Soup (Zaakir), Akil, and Mark 7. If Feedback is anything even close to Power in Numbers, it could end up being one of my all-time favorites. I recently came across a track that I was made to believe is going to be featured on the new album. With the familiar J5 beat, and Chali 2na’s deep voice, this song gets me all excited in the pants for July 13th. Enjoy.

Jurassic 5Long Road to Glory [download or die]



3 Responses to New Jurassic 5 Album Release Date Announced

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow i love J5 and have also been impatiently awaiting there new album. i hear that dave matthews band is in one of their new songs on feedback. will you post it if you can find hte track, i think it is called “work it out”, but i could be lying.

  2. ben says:

    best hip-hop album this side of 2000?
    yikes. PiN was very good, but it wasn’t -great-.

    Still, thanks for the track.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love j5! i know someone that works with them, if i can get the whole new album before, i’ll let you guys know.

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