The Stiletto Formal

Rarely today do we get to hear bands with a sound completely of their own. I can only think of a handful of bands that accomplish this: The Sound of Animals Fighting, Sigur Ros, Blood Brothers, etc. The list continues but is unfortunately clouded by larger, cluttered music scenes. Generic emo bands plague online communities like PureVolume and MySpace, making it difficult to sift through and find the gems that are truly worth recognition. Luckily, talented bands such as the Stiletto Formal are becoming front-page features of online music communities and getting the attention they deserve.

I remember when driving from Zack’s house with my best bud Andy a few months ago, he told me to check out this new band he heard online. I had heard the name Stiletto Formal before but chose to ignore it, unaware of the face-melting experience I was passing up. He played for me what is now my favorite track off the Masochism in the Place of Romance EP. I’d describe it as a soundtrack to the dance-hall apocalypse. Imagine a helicopter crash, and then throw in a cello and a sexy bass line. And some cowbell too. The Stiletto Formal sounds cacophonous enough to find place alongside bands such as the Fall of Troy or These Arms Are Snakes, while at the same time keeping a composure that should make them appealing to anybody with a good ear. The same goes for the vocals. Vocalist Kyle Howard is the closest I’ve ever heard to At the Drive-In/Mars Volta’s Cedric Bixler. His voice can range from being sweet to going completely nuts.

It’s somewhat ironic that the Stiletto Formal has found place on the PureVolume “Far From the Lies” tour, opening for the very generic screamo acts (Greeley Estates, So They Say, et al.) that have stolen the attention of “emo kids.” Perhaps it is because of the popularity of these other bands that the Stiletto Formal is still unsigned. Nevertheless, it will only be a matter of time before the band finds its proper home in the hands of a label that is caring and involved with their music.

Make sure to get your hands on both the This Is My Boomstick and Masochism in the Place of Romance EP’s if you haven’t done so already.

The Stiletto Formal – Murder at the Stiletto Formal

The Stiletto Formal – Black Tar Concubine

The Stiletto Formal – The Mistress and the Matador



5 Responses to The Stiletto Formal

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m digging the music but could really do without the Blood Brothers rip off vocals.

  2. Andrew says:

    I dunno where you get, “original sound” from. Well, maybe having At The Drive-In puking up one of the Blood Brothers as a sound, could be considered slightly original.

  3. Adrian says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Adrian says:

    I’m not feeling the Blood Brothers references. The only places that I see where they cover the same ground is that the vocals are at times high-pitched, they scream, and they’re loud. Other than that, I’d say the two bands are pretty different.

  5. Tom says:

    Hopefully they’ll remain unsigned, they did an interview with Strange Glue, [ ] where they kinda said they went outta their way to stay away from labels, something that in my opinion makes them anything but generic.

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