Themed Thursday: Animals

This week’s theme is quite a doozy. We each had about 30 songs that couldve worked for this theme, but we each had to narrow it down to one, so we bring you only the finest in this week’s Themed Thursday: Animals. Thumbs up, let’s do this.

Austin’s Pick: Austins pick will be up in a few hours.

Alex’s Pick: The Twilight SingersThat’s just how the Bird Sings

I’ve started listening to The Twilight Singers for the same reason I’ve started listening to countless bands: Someone I really admire loves them and so I decided to give them a listen to feel cool. I’ve got to say, mimicking people really has no down sides when you find out about bands like this… Except for that time I bought a Combat Wounded Veteran album. Holy crap that was a bad call.

Ryan’s Pick: Q and not UTen Thousand Animal Calls

Ryan was not available to write this so I (Zack) will write it for him. Ryan loves Q and not U. This song has an animal in it. Tada.

Adrian’s Pick: Test IciclesBoa Vs. Python

It’s a shame these guys broke up, because they had such a promising future. “Boa vs. Python” is one of my favorite songs on their first and only album.

Everett’s Pick: The UnicornsI Was Born (A Unicorn)

Unicorns may not be my favorite mythological beast (which is the same as an animal), but they are definitely one of my favorite bands. My love for the new defunct Unicorns and their offshoot, Islands, is pretty well documented over at Good Weather for Airstrikes, and this is the song that originally sold me on the group.

Zack’s Pick: Minus the BearMonkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!

Minus the Bear is one of my girlfriend’s absolute favorites and for good reason. These guys mix plenty of genres and are, in my opinion, a really unique and creative band. Not only does “Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!” fit the theme, it’s also my favorite MtB track. I don’t have the faintest idea as to why these guys aren’t huge.

We hope you loved the theme this week. Remember, we need more suggestions, so keep ’em coming, and keep reading. Until next week.

-The All Things Go Team (Adrian, Alex, Austin, Everett, Ryan, Zack)

7 Responses to Themed Thursday: Animals

  1. annaaaa says:

    hoorayz! themed thursday is back, and thusly, all is well with the world. Zack, you may now have a beer pong partner, and Adrian, you no longer have to listen to my complaints… minus the fact that you didn’t pick the song i wanted… 😦 kidding, you all!

  2. Rich says:

    A former girlfriend actually introduced me to Minus the Bear by making me a mix tape. I didn’t like the music all that much, but I *loved* the song titles. It’s a shame they abandoned the goofy titles on the most recent release. Maybe I’ll give them another chance soon.

  3. Lodi says:

    The Unicorns are lovely!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The first link is broken.

  5. Anita says:

    How about your favorite 80s songs as a theme/mix tape? There are so many great ones!

    Another great theme would be dance/disco music.

  6. sabrina says:

    another shout out on atg haha i should be an honorary member.

  7. sabrina again says:

    ps. lovely emu.

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