Sufjan Stevens A to Z

So I was doing another loop around the blogs looking for music when I came across a blog called Berkeley Place, which was featuring a genius idea. The blogger chose an album or a theme and made a post featuring news, music, and other things starting with the letters A through Z. I realized that this would be the perfect excuse to make the mega-Sufjan Stevens post I’d always wanted to make. Naturally I stole the idea and am doing it here, so enjoy. Thanks again to Berkeley Place for the inspiration.

A is for The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album, Sufjan’s follow up album to Illinois.

B is for “Borderline“, off of The Dress Looks Nice on You, a promo single released in the UK.

C is for “Chicago! To String Remix” by Jongalloway (Thanks to Derek for this one)

D is for “Decatur, Or Round of Applause for Your Stepmother” (off Illinois), rapidly becoming one of my all-time favorite Sufjan tracks.

E is for one of Sufjan’s first albums, Enjoy Your Rabbit, in which every song is titled “Year of the…”

F is for “For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti“, featured on Greetings From Michigan and the All Things Go Sleep Mixtape. (Here is a video of Sufjan playing “For The Widows…” solo)

G is for “All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace!”, off of Greetings from Michigan (It’s a stretch but I had to find a way to include this song, as it’s my most played Sufjan track on iTunes).

H is for the “The Henney Buggy Band“, off of Sufjan’s newest album, The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album (Thanks to Stereogum for the track).

I is for “I Can’t Even Lift My Head“, off of To Spirit Back to the Mews.

J is for “Jacksontown“, mc DJ’s remix of the Illinois track, “Jacksonville”. mc DJ remixed almost every track on Illinois for his remixtape, appropriately titled Illin-noise. (Download album here)

K is for Asthmatic Kitty, The record label that Sufjan is signed to.

L is for “Lo How A Rose E’er Blooming“, a holiday classic featured on Sufjan’s first Christmas album, Hark! Songs for Christmas Volume 1 (Thanks again to Derek).

M is for another one of my favorites from Illinois, “The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts“.

N is for No more music from Sufjan for a while, according to this story.

O is for “The One I Love“, Sufjan’s live cover of the R.E.M. classic performed at SXSW.

P is for “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!“, off of Illinois.

Q is for the ridiculous Quantity of Sufjan songs and albums (over 110 songs in under 5 years)

R is for Rosie Thomas, who reportedly was carrying Sufjan’s baby, according to Pitchfork. Sufjan later dismissed the rumor with a letter.

S is for “Dear Mr. Supercomputer“, yet another track featured on Sufjan’s newest album, The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album (Thanks to I Guess I’m Floating for this one).

T is for “To Be Alone With You“, featured on Seven Swans as well as the All Things Go Valentines Day Mixtape.

U is for “The Upper Peninsula“, off of Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lake State.

V is for “Vito’s Ordination Song“, an overlooked but incredibly underrated track off of Greetings From Michigan.

W is for “Wolverine“, a B-Side from the Michigan album.

X is for absolutely nothing!

Y is for “Say Yes! To Michigan!” off of (duh) Greetings From Michigan.

Z is for Zombies!!!, or, more accurately, “They Are Night Zombies!!! They Are Neighbors!!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!!! Ahhhhh!!!” (off of Illinois)

I hope you enjoyed this A to Z post. Let me know if you want me to do more of these featuring other artists or themes. Remember to please buy all of these albums because, honestly, Sufjan deserves your money. I have added links below where you can purchase most all of these albums, so please do so if you haven’t already.

Buy Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lake State
Buy Illinois
Buy A Sun Came
Buy Enjoy Your Rabbit
Buy Seven Swans



23 Responses to Sufjan Stevens A to Z

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this idea a lot.

  2. Alexander says:

    Thanks, that was a lot of fun!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Man this Sufjan guy gets ridiculous amount of love on these mp3 blogs spread across the internet.

    I need to listen to him to see if all the adoration is worthy but all the hype has somehow tarnished whatever star he might be.

  4. Raul! says:

    That last comment was probably Sufjan playing devil’s advocate.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For gawd’s sake, just post his entire catalog why don’t you. One or two tracks, OK. But this many? Verges on abusing the poor guy.

  6. Alex says:

    His whole catalog would be a little long to post in just one entry. But don’t worry by the 2008 Sufjan won’t be able to make another penny thanks to our efforts. Next up we are going to ruin the career of those fuckers in Bloc Party.

    No seriously, I agree it is a lot, but it is also a nice treat for you all isn’t it?

  7. Anonymous says:

    i love this idea

  8. Cu says:

    Lighten up, it is quite a bit, but it’s not as if other bloggers haven’t posted up the same tracks. This post just happens to feature more Sufjan, and is probably even more effective in getting people to buy his music, etc.

    Anyway, uh, cool post, you guys. 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    sufjan makes me wanna lala

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you promise to ruin Bloc Party, then all will be forgiven. I could never hear those whiney bastards again and die a happy man.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love you. All of you. Thank you for taking the time to post this. 🙂
    – shannon

  12. Ekko says:

    thanks for the shout out. i’ve been doing the A to Z thing, mostly on Fridays, ever since I started the blog.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to be pendantic, but “Ypsilanti” is off “Michigan,” not “Illinois.” I normally wouldn’t care, but I was born there, so I thought I should mention it.

  14. Zack says:

    Sorry Anonymous, what a bonehead move by me. I don’t even know why i put Illinois there. Anyways, its fixed.

  15. Derek says:

    WHOA, let’s leave Bloc Party out of this. They deserve none of this hatred. And yeah, I’d say this was too many tracks to post, but then again Everett basically posted the entire Guillemots catalog on GWFAS back in February (which we’ve since removed due to requests from the label), so I’d just be being hypocritical. However, watch out for the cease and desist, I got one (albeit a kind one) from Asthmatic Kitty just for posting “The Avalanche”, so yeah, watch out.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i love you guys so much right now. it’s a great idea, and thanks for all the extra sufjan stevens tracks!

    to anyone else getting upset that there’s a ton of sufjan stevens tracks up:
    most people probably already have most of the sufjan stevens stuff up on there, since his albums have been out for a while, and even if they haven’t, it’s a good intro to the sufjan stevens sound!


  17. Anonymous says:

    Compair to the massive volume of work he’s produced this is a tiny amount, and a musician will make most of their money by doing gigs which posts like this will encourage people to go and see. I know that if he were to tour near me i would definatly fork out the £15 it would cost to see him.

  18. sarahday says:

    ok i just bucked up and (finally) bought Illinois – hope that’s some consolation to those worrying about Sufjan’s finances.

    And this blog feature is what put me over the top – Thanks ATG!

    i wish i could buy Avalanche right now, too…

  19. James says:

    I’ve taken your Sufjan Steven’s A to Z and made my own for Daryl Palumbo.

    Daryl Palumbo A to Z

    Thanks, for the inspiration

    – James

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
    » »

  21. Anonymous says:

    “Illinois” is in the movie Little Miss Sunshine….how cool is that?

  22. Anonymous says:

    “Michigan” is a great disc and probably inspired from Sufjan’s time living there and going to school. Many notable unknown artists starting to get some attention on the web from Michigan including, Jeff Daniels, Jen Cass, Steppin In It, Drew Nelson, Rachael Davis, Ralston Bowles, Sweet Japonic, Potato Moon, Arganik, Truckstop Cobras, Nobody’s Darlin’, David Molinari, and so much more Michigan Musicians Network’s myspace has som much more….check it out

  23. Alec D. says:

    I’ve got a unreleased song by Sufjan that I am hosting a listening session for in Baltimore, on Saturday, June 6 at 6 pm. There are a couple of slots open. if you’re interested, e-mail me at sufjansong AT The song is called “The lonely man of winter.” you can read more about it on my website. . .

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