The Quiet Ones

Another special thanks to David on this post, as this guy found Heypenny for me. The Quiet Ones are somewhat a family band, with older brother John Totten on vocals and bass and twin brothers David and Chris on guitar and drums, respectively. I must say that I’m not completely stricken with the sound, but these guys definitely seem to be progressing and their newest albums, Your Inner Ear Volumes I&II, have a distinctly unique sound. They really embrace the Lo-Fi sound, and do something a little new with it. I recommend checking out their site, where you can dowload Volume I in it’s entirety for free. I’ve also tossed on a couple tracks below that I think are highlights. With a little more time, these guys can be the next darling of the blogs, but just remember you heard them here first (and I heard them from David first.) I really would love to be able to describe their sound, but I just can’t find any similar bands, so just listen and tell me what you think.

The Quiet Ones – Missing the Party
The Quiet Ones – Something to Listen to

Download Your Inner Ear Volume I here



2 Responses to The Quiet Ones

  1. Illman says:

    Good post Zack. I’ll update you more when I can. I think we’re looking at the start of a beautiful friendship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you’re looking for a comparison, then I’d say that softer Braid/City On Film is a good start. Their vocalist is a dead ringer for Bob Nanna.

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