Boy Crazy

With a name like Boy Crazy, I would have most likely brushed this band off at first as just another part of the pop-punk bullshit that seems to be appearing everywhere these days. However, after reading that these guys were signed to Emerald Moon Records without a vocalist, I had to see what the deal was. Turns out, Boy Crazy is hardly what the name may suggest. If I were to liken them to any other band, it would be the Sound of Animals Fighting (Tiger and the Duke), but even that doesn’t describe their sound accurately. This Towson, Maryland four-piece blends together experimental instrumentals with good ol’ rock’n’roll which, although maybe not matching up with the style of TSOAF, is just as innovative and aggressive. Their songs off their debut EP, Whale Songs to Kensington Garden, range from being more rock-oriented (“Egyptian Plover and the Crocodile”) to having a more ambient sound (“Cosmo Memory”). I highly recommend getting your hands on the EP. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Boy Crazy – Egyptian Plover and the Crocodile

Boy Crazy – I’m Not a Tigress, I’m a Tiger

Expect an interview with the band to be up soon…



2 Responses to Boy Crazy

  1. Austin! says:

    Hey…Adrian…remember when me and Mark were going to try and join Boy Crazy earlier this year before they blew up and got signed….oh well

  2. Alex says:

    very wierd.. there is another twee/indie pop band called Boycrazy, (one word) that has involved (former)members of the Decemberists and have released a album called “Foreign Words” on Magic Marker records:

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