Themed Wednesday: Body Parts

This themed thursday is not on a thursday at all. I know you all are saying “But Zack, thats just crazy!” and it is. Crazy as a fox. But this thursday is a special day, and there is a special mix coming that day (tommorow), so get all excited. I’d also like to take this time to mention that Everett, of GWFAS, has been added to the man-stable that is All Things Go, and he will be contributing every week to both the Themed Thursday and any of my (Zack) mixes, much like our collaboration on the Valentine’s Day Mixtape. A formal welcome with a taste of Everett’s music will be coming on Friday, but everyone welcome Everett into the world of mediocrity, laziness, and sheer unintelligence that is All Things Go.

This week our theme is body parts. There must be a mention of body parts in each song title, whether it be limbs or organs. This can go in any direction, so watch out. Themed Wednesday: Body Parts begins now…
Everett’s Pick: Junior SeniorMove Your Feet

If you are in a bad mood and you listen to this song, it will be as if the fog has been lifted and nothing exists in life but pure, unadulterated ecstasy

Alex’s Pick: The PixiesBroken Face

For a long time (until Christmas this year), I had trouble getting into The Pixies. I didn’t really like what I heard, and didn’t see any reason to really look into them further. Then I heard this song, and have been hooked since.

Adrian’s Pick: These Arms are SnakesDrinking from the Necks of the Ones You Love

This band is insane! Really, I can’t find anything else that really sounds like them. Born from the ashes of Botch and Kill Sadie, These Arms are Snakes puts on one of the greatest live shows that I’ve ever seen. It’s like having sex, playing video games, and eating Taco Bell at the same time. Awh yeah. Honorable mention to their other songs, “Your Pearly Whites” and “The Shit Sisters” (I’m not sure if that counts or not).

Ryan’s Pick: The 101er’sKeys to Your Heart (Version 2)

And you thought I couldn’t post anything else involving Joe Strummer! Guess again. This is from his pre-Clash (gasp) band The 101er’s, and was released as a single in the UK after his departure from the band.

Austin’s Pick: InterpolHands Away

This is one of Interpols more epic songs. The faint vocals slowly come to life beneath the heart-wrenching build up, creating a sound that digs deep.

Zack’s Pick: Her Space HolidaySomething To Do With My Hands

This was a hard choice because there are so many body parts songs to do. I went with HSH ’cause they have a really unique sound, and don’t get enough credit throughout the blogosphere. Special mentions to Ted Leo’s “Squeaky Fingers” and The Knife’s “Hearbeats”.

We hope you guys enjoyed our Themed Wednesday this week, and I’m happy to welcome Everett to the All Things Go Team. Until next week…

– The All Things Go Team (Ryan, Alex, Austin, Zack, Everett, Adrian)

5 Responses to Themed Wednesday: Body Parts

  1. Austin! says:

    These Arms Are Snakes!!!yeahhhhh

    ps. im so excited about our mix today

  2. Anonymous says:

    whats the theme of the mix? i must know!

  3. Alex says:

    double points to these arms are snakes.

    interesting theme guysss… very interesting

  4. You….didn’t like the Pixies until you heard BROKEN FACE??? You’re kidding. Please say you’re kidding. Honey, we need to talk.

  5. Alex says:

    1) I had never really listened to them or given them much of a chance beforehand.

    2) If the music I suggest on this blog is not evidence enough, I have a pretty bad taste in what is good music.

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