I had this really long and complicated idea of what I was going to write for this entry. I was going to talk about how Rumbleseat was a side project of Chuck and Chris from Hot Water Music, and I was going to try and show off my knowledge of them. Then I was going to make a beautiful comment about Hot Water Music, and then skillfully switch over to Rumbleseat and talk about how uncommon the two bands are. I was going to mention that Rumbleseat plays a blend of “folk” and “drunk punk” with really raw and strong emotion. I was going to revel little insights about myself in this part about how I am really sensitive or something stupid. I had a really cool and amazing entry all prepared, and it was going to blow your minds.

Then I got home, sat down to write that entry, and was suddenly struck with the revelation that no one actually gave a crap what I wrote. You all just want free music and I am sure aren’t too interested in my three paragraphs beforehand where I try to pass off the idea that I am a decent music writer/reviewer. So I’m just skipping that all this time.

The following three songs are from the now dead Gainesville, Florida folk/punk rock/acoustic trio, Rumbleseat. Honestly, try your hardest not to get into these guys. There is something amazingly genuine and honest in their music, and the sound is one that is bound to get you hooked. They also play some incredible Johnny Cash covers.

Rumbleseat – California Burritos
Rumbleseat – Restless [my favorite]
Rumbleseat – Sea of Heartbreak


P.S. Another person named Alex, said that it is ” necessary for everyone to have their own spring mix. So make one!” Now I don’t know if he was just talking about the people on this blog with good tastes in music, all of us, or the public in general, but the idea of making a spring mix did sound kind of fun. How would you all feel if all of us did that and then posted them and such?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    just to prove, that some people do read…i noticed a typo…you wrote “two” instead of “too”

  2. Anonymous says:

    just to prove, that some people do read…i noticed a typo…you wrote “two” instead of “too”

  3. Alex says:


    Hahahaha I am funny.

  4. Chris W. says:

    Their album that No Idea released not too long ago “…Is Dead” is nearly impossible to take out of your rotation. It’s just such damn good music. I’m really anticipating the release of The Draft’s first album to hear what those guys have in store for that band.

    Spring mixtape = good idea, btw. But please keep Angels & Airwaves off it since they suck very hard.

  5. The Vandal says:

    I think spring mixes would be very cool– WITH ARTWORK!

  6. Adrian says:

    darn, i was planning on making a spring mix with only angels and airwaves songs

  7. Alex says:

    Chris W.

    Will you become my new e-lover? No really, that would rock hardcore. I am not sure how I feel about The Draft. I mean, I really want to hear them, but Hot Water Minus Chuck kind of scares me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    a spring mixtape would make my day brighter. and since i am currently writing a bad/crappy paper i need my day to be brighter. you guys rock!

  9. Anonymous says:

    yez pleaze

  10. mjrc says:

    of course we love what you write–i wish i could write like you write. and a spring mix would be lovely. (am i being supportive enough?) oh, and don’t stop the free music, either. ha!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey now! Some of us are little late to the party, and are intimdated by the whole “blogosphere” thing. I mean, it has a “sphere” now! Seriously, I’m a bit behind the times- I grew up in a poor neighborhood, and the only computers or internet connections afforded to me were those provided to me via academic scholarships/school. And, frankly, I’m the one college student in the known world who’s befuddled by facebook, myspace, etc. However, I fell in love with the online music community because everyone’s posts were thought out, fun, and discussed bands and artists I cared about.

    Anyway, you have caused me to make my first real post on any blog ever: I am very grateful for the time you put into these posts. I usually only download the music you guys sound especially enthusiastic about, and if I like it, I try to purchase it. Please don’t skimp on the reviews; believe me, your honesty is as always greatly (though not often vocally) appreciated.

  12. Adrian says:

    anonymous, you are awesome

  13. Alex says:

    In respone to long worded anonymous,

    Thank you for your incredibly kind words. It is not so much that I don’t feel under apperciated, I just think a lot of what I write is nonsense or overzealous proclamtions of love for a band and you all don’t really need to be subjected to it (on a regular basis).

    P.S. I can only speak for myself, but you all should have a least one spring mix to look forward to within the next week.

  14. Zack says:

    sike houstoun, were doing the spring mixes next week.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oh my. I apologize for not reading the subtext properly and/or leaving my sense of humor at home. And thank you guys! You’re the ones that are awesome. There are tons of reviewers out there who are overzealous (and just that). As an English major who works in media, it is so refreshing to read stuff by people who are genuinely engaged in the music they review AND who take the time to write in full sentences.
    Keep it up, and many thanks,
    Longwinded Anonymous

  16. Chris W says:

    Where’s this A to Z thing I was hearing about?

  17. Alex says:

    Oh man guys i think that was my suggestion, and I’m currently cooking up a post for my spring mix. It should land tuesday with a few “F” band posts (of course including Final Fantasy).
    Im so glad you guys are making a Spring Mix!
    And I always read your whole posts, you have some good insights on to the more rock-ing scene where most blogs are hxc indie style.

    Ps: I see someone is asking where the A t Z post is, well its on my blog: Great Body of Water

  18. ID3 Tag Nazi says:

    The ID3 tag for the “Sea Of Heartbreak” song is incorrect. It was written by Hal David and Paul Hampton, and it was originally performed by Don Gibson (not Johnny Cash!)…

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