Lewis + Happy Easter

Now if you are an old school ATG reader, you may remember the ” A Warm Winters Day” post. Well its about time to move out of the cold and into spring. Lewis, The “solid electro pop band from Canada” is really quite good at maintaining a defined tone. They will most likely make it on to my Folktronica Mixtape, which has been in the works for a while now. Here are a few more songs by Lewis, aswell as “A Warm Winters Day.” Now you can go get your easter on in style, thanks to Lewis. I hope you like it, and sorry for the weak low content/relevance post. 🙂

Lewis – Citrus

Lewis – I’m Going To Punch Your Lights Out

Lewis – A Warm Winters Day

In other news a new Mixtape is comming this week….can you guess the theme?



11 Responses to Lewis + Happy Easter

  1. Jamie says:

    Me Gusta Mucho. Gracias Senor

  2. Alex says:

    Is the theme going to be Spring or Our Taste in Music Kicks Yours in the Nuts?

  3. Austin! says:

    nope. Here’s a hint… its in honor of a day

  4. Alex says:

    Cinco do Mayo! haha.

    I think it is necessary for everyone to have their own spring mix. So make one!

    PS: I dont know if I mentioned it to you, that I’m starting a month long featurette “Bands A to Z and Everything in Between” on monday.
    (I’m a ruthless promoter, tyring tog et readers, cause im putting a lot of effort into these posts)

  5. Austin! says:

    Cinco De Mayo isnt it

  6. Anonymous says:

    well i’m going to say the obvious one for this coming week is 4/20… but cinco de mayo might work.

  7. mjrc says:

    earth day–i bet it’s earth day!

  8. Josh says:

    Lewis is already the name of a now defunct, but pretty good late 90s band from Dallas, TX. They released one excellent but not very-well produced record on a local label and then a pretty decent and better-produced one on Deep Elm Records in the late 90s. They even had a song on an Abercrombie & Fitch sampler CD as well as one of the notoriously bad Emo Diaries comps (also put out by Deep Elm). Don’t mean to be so nerdy, and I know you probably don’t know the Canadian guys, but I really liked the first Lewis. They have some sample mp3s on http://www.deepelm.com/ Check ’em out.

  9. *kate* says:

    i also knew about the deep elm lewis, but i like this one much better…do they have a website?

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