Daylight’s for the Birds

I can’t seem to find that much information about these guys, but they should be getting big any day now. They don’t have an album yet, but do have a myspace page where you can check out their new work which, I must say, I really enjoy. Their style is very cinematic and flowing, perfect for a surreal walk through the park. The female vocals and synths are right-on, and it’s only a matter of time before these guys get around the blogosphere (and they’ve already been featured on Villains Always Blink and Gorilla vs. Bear now that I check Hype Machine, making me feel so much less cool). Anyways, here are four unmastered tracks, all of which can be found on their myspace page and will be on their debut album coming out in summer/fall. I recommend them all, and look forward to hearing more from them in the near future.

Daylight’s for the Birds:
Worlds Away
For Now
To No One

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