The Epoxies and Teenage Bottlerocket tour!

Can you feel it? It’s spring and summer is rapidly approaching. You know what that means? Kick ass rocking tours full of all your favorite bands! HELL YEAH!!! You know who I’m really pumped for? I’ll give you a hint, their names are in the title of this piece. That’s right The Epoxies and Teenage *expletive* Bottlerocket!

So now that my little burst of joy has been unleashed, let’s actually talk about the music that this tour will feature. First up is Teenage Bottlerocket. To put it simply imagine if The Ramones were still alive and kicking, or if The Methadones rocked harder, or if you were to take all the awesome aspects of pop punk and mesh them into one band. That band would be, and is, Teenage Bottlerocket. Super catchy, super fun, and I from what I’ve heard their live shows are a total blast. Their songs are 2 to 3 minute bursts of energy that feature your utmost generic punk rock chord progression, but it really doesn’t matter because those chords are always fun to hear over and over again. Look I can’t stress this enough, these guys rock, and anyone can enjoy them. Just listen to the two mp3s below and try your hardest not to smile and tap your foot to the beat.

As for The Epoxies. Imagine if Devo were still around, but they had a female vocalist and were a hell of a lot more crazy. That is The Epoxies. One half new wave rock and the other half infectious fun pop punk. Their music, is really quite distinct, unique, (even though I just compared them to Devo) and leaves you wanting more and more. The songs vary in length and display. There are longer songs like Need More Time, where each of the members show off just how capable they are at playing their respective instruments, and their are short little ditties (You) that exist only to get you smiling and dancing.

So this summary was just the least bit biased…Just download those mp3s and make your own opinion, but I will be damned if you don’t like at least one of these bands. Also because I don’t want to take up more space, all tour dates can be found on Teenage Bottlerocket’s site. The tour starts on May 11, goes to June 8, and covers the east, west, and middle of America so there is bound to be a show nearby. Enjoy!

Teenage Bottlerocket – Go Away
Teenage Bottlerocket – Blood Bath at Burger King [my favorite]

The Epoxies – Need More Time
The Epoxies – You
The Epoxies – Stop Looking at Me [my favorite]
The Epoxies – Robot Man


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