We’re back!

Hi kids and loyal fan base! I am sure a lot of you have been missing us and were unsure where else you could find five guys to force their tastes of music upon you. Well fear no more, because I am pretty sure most of us are back home, and are ready to start updating again. Whoopie!

So vacation was a lot of fun, but the one thing I’ve noticed upon my return is that nothing actually stopped and relaxed with me. I returned home to a very pissed off cat, a pound of mail, a bunch of emails and myspace nonsense, and more musical news then I needed to hear. The biggest of these news being that hardcore legends and all around rockers, Lifetime, have signed to Pete Wentz’s label (interpret as you will), and None More Black have their new CD (This is Satire) going around the internet.

For those of you familiar with None More Black, there is a very clear change in their songs from when they first started. They aren’t nearly as fast as they once were and, as a friend pointed, Jason doesn’t seem as capable as of his scream singing as he did with Kid Dynamite. But everyone gets older, so who could have expected his voice to last forever? For those of you that don’t know anything about None More Black, I recommend you check out these downloads (and most all of their music) if you are looking for some pretty clean cut and different punk rock.

Ok, so that was one half assed post but I am incredibly tired and jet lagged. Besides everyone doesn’t care what we have to say, you just want that free music. Don’t lie to me, I know it’s true. Hopefully updates will start tomorrow and not hit a week long block for a long time.

None More Black – We Dance on the Ruins of the Stupid Stage [my favorite]
None More Black – With the Transit Coat On
None More Black – You suck! But your Peanut Butter is OK

P.S. As always you can get the full CD by IMing me at RaHoustoun. However, I want to know something. What are people’s personal feelings on us giving away CDs like this? I mean you are benifitting of course, but do you feel that we are hurting artists and things of that nature? I was just curious and wanted to see how most people felt. Either post your response as a comment or IM, this is something I really want to discuss at the moment.



6 Responses to We’re back!

  1. Anonymous says:

    i think its a good idea, as although you give the songs to people, you are getting people into bands they may not of heard of, many of whom will then go to to see them when they play near them, giving them money through ticket sales and merchandise, also many people still like to have the hard copy of a cd and will go out and buy it.
    so i think your doing a good job.

  2. Alex says:

    See I agree with you, and personally I do go out and buy a “hard copy” if I really enjoy a CD that I downloaded. But the thing is, how many other people actually do that? I am not trying to sound morally superior, but it seems that the norm is to just keep the downloaded copy and maybe burn into on a CD instead of buying the real thing.

  3. Austin! says:

    you’re cute

  4. Anonymous says:

    I must admit I don’t always buy the hard copy when I like a CD. I’m a poor student and a music junky, which is a bad combination for the music industry.

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