Themed Thursday: Songs to Speed to

It seems to be a recurring theme that our themed Thursdays happen on Friday. This isn’t to be cool in any way, it’s just that I (Zack) am incredibly lazy. Anyways, our theme this week happens to be “Songs to Speed to”. These songs are normally filled with angular, fast-paced guitars and hard drums, while keeping a quick and intense rhythm. Here are our five selections for songs to speed to.

Adrian’s Pick:


This song’s so fast-paced it’s impossible not to speed to it. Besides, the song is about “running red lights” anyways.

Austin’s Pick:

Blood Brothers – Trash Flavored Trash

The Blood Brothers are truly an acquired taste, but this song is certain to rev your engines. Now hit your steering wheel with the bass line, and freak out!

Ryan’s Pick:

The Strokes – Reptilia

(Song choice by Ryan, description by Zack & Austin) Zack and I were both going to choose this song, but he came to the conclusion that it fit me better. This really is a song that i speed to…..No seriously, I do. I live in Virginia, and I suck. (LOVE YOU RYRY!!!! xoxox)

Zack’s Pick:

We Are ScientistsNobody Move Nobody Get Hurt

I mean, c’mon, this song is awesome. When this song comes on my ipod in the car, my spedometer never dips below 60, which explains why I’m writing this description from prison. I gotta go though, Nasty Nate is pulling on my leash. Holla! (Watch the video, directed by Akiva from Awesometown, here)

Alex’s Pick:

Astrid OtoBringing New Meaning to DIY

Astrid Oto is also an “acquired taste”, and by that I mean they are straight up bitchin’ punk rock and further proof of Aaron Cometbus’s genius. Their complete discography features 18 songs, and yet it is barely over 15 minutes long. Come one that practically screams “drive in the utmost dangerous way possible”. Also I was not AWOL today, I just happened to be very sick and not leave my bed until 4:30 this afternoon.

Stay tuned for next week’s theme. And like PBS said, after these messages we’ll be riiiight back.

– The All Things Go Team (Zack, Austin, Adrian, Ryan, Alex)

4 Responses to Themed Thursday: Songs to Speed to

  1. jams says:

    Trash Flavored Trash in a fucking good one….i also like the we are scientists one…


  2. Cimchon says:

    Personally, I love driving to Underoath.

    Not just for speeding, but I find it amazing to offroad too (I live in Canada, so by off road I mean drive through parks and down sidewalks in three feet of snow).

  3. Adrian says:

    Ah, Underoath is a great choice too, I don’t know why I didn’t think of them when I was thinking of what song to use.

  4. Personally I’ve had good speeding experiences drivign to The Blood Brothers – Ambulance vs. Ambulance.

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