Clap Your Hands Show Recap

First thing to note: This entire review is available in four poorly drawn and not so funny comic panels. Just follow click here. Yeah, I just whored myself out again. Wanna fight about? Well too bad, I’m nonviolent and don’t fight.

Anyway, I went to see Clap Your Hands Say yeah! and Dr. Dog last Wednesday (March 8) at the lovely 9:30 club with some of the rising cool kids from school. I arrived a little late, but still managed to catch most of the Dr. Dog’s set. They sucked. End of story. I am really sorry if you like them, they are not my cup of tea (or anyone from my group for that matter) and therefore I am wasting no time talking about them. In terms of music they were just really bad “indie rock”. I don’t know how else to put it. You could tell they were trying their hardest to borrow sounds from so many other popular bands at the moment but it really wasn’t working out. Did I enjoy any part of their set? Well… Let’s just say the best part of them is that their one guitar player looked Steven Tyler and fell towards the end of their set. I found pleasure in his pain. I’m an asshole.

So after Dr. Dog was done CYHSY! (look their name is long, I’m not typing it out each time) chose to wait about 30 minutes to start setting up and took the stage close to 45 minutes after Dr. Dog was done. The wait kind of pissed me off, but was immediately made up for by the fact that the second CYHSY! took the stage they launched into Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away and really didn’t take any breaks between songs. I have to say I was really impressed with how good CYHSY! sounded live. If you’ve heard any of their songs you’ve probably realized that lead singer, Alec Ounsworth, sounds incredibly drunk/strung out/crazy whenever he opens his mouth. Personally I was afraid how this “style” of singing would sound live without the help of large amounts of cocaine and/or alcohol. Thankfully I was not let down, in fact the only real difference between their CD and live performance is Alec’s voice was a lot louder live.

Having said that, CYHSY! actual stage presence left a lot to be desired. I mean I guess they did a good job, they played their songs and were nice to the crowd but that was it. There was no real movement on stage except some head bobbing or someone taking a few steps to be closer to another member. The crowd was pretty much the same. Look, I get that some people really enjoy going to shows where they stand still for two hours with their arms folded, but I’m not one of them. I like going to shows where there is the off chance that I hurt myself, not because it’s violent but because no one cares. I like leaving drenched in sweat with my ears ringing. That is me. I am a badass. So yeah, didn’t really enjoy that whole factor of the show.

Overall I did have a nice time, a lot of that could be credited to the fact I didn’t pay, but still. This was a decent show, but I am going to say you shouldn’t go unless you consider yourself a pretty big CYHSY! fan or someone with some extra money.

Finally, the entire show can be heard over at NPR for free. And if you are still reading, here is the set list:

Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away
In This Home On Ice
Is This Love?
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
Details of the War
The Sword Song
Gimme Some Salt
Over and Over Again
My Papa’s Waltz
Satan Said Dance
Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood

Clap Your Hands!
Me and You Watson
Heavy Metal



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  1. Rosco says:

    hey, your page was commentless. i thought i could give you some comment love. good job!

  2. Alex says:

    Dear Rosco,

    I love you.

    Sorry for the lack of updates everyone.


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