Let’s do some basic math:
Atom & His Package = Awesome
Kid Dynamite = Awesome
Atom & his Package + Kid Dynamite = Very awesome.

That is right you have kind of read correctly. Dan Yemin of Kid Dynamite/Paint it Black fame, and Atom have teamed up, along with two other guys I am not so familiar, to grace the world with a new band. Armalite. Sweet! Armalite is essentially really fun punk rock music that anyone can enjoy regardless of what you listen to. The songs are a blend of Atom’s signature nasal, yet oddly enjoyable, voice, Dan’s ability to yell and play a pretty catchy guitar, and the other two guys playing some fine bass and drums. While Armalite on a whole does not really stand out in comparison to Atom & His Package or Kid Dynamite, they have their own distinct sound that is bound to have you tapping your foot and smiling as you listen.

Since Armalite is technically a side project since all of these guys have lives and other bands that they need to tend to, so we can’t really expect them to tour outside of Philadelphia. However, they just released their first CD on No Idea Records and I seriously recommend you all check that out.

Armalite – Entitlted
Armalite – I Am A Pancreas (I Seek To Understand Me…)[this is my favorite]
Armalite – New Wave



4 Responses to Armalite

  1. Anonymous says:

    well played houstoun

  2. Anonymous says:

    i do not believe what i just read, i think i will have to read it again. wow.

  3. Alex says:

    Either people are being assholes and pulling my leg or thank you for the kind words and ego boost.

  4. Anonymous says:

    no, seriously, without this blog i’d go mad from the bad taste in music some of my friends have. thankyou.

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