Themed Thursday (Friday) – Singing in the Shower

Sorry for the delay on this post, but I (Zack) have had a crazy night and have been trying to put together a detailed concert review as well, so this comes a day late. Anyways, our theme last week was Under the Sea, and it seemed to be a hit with the readers!!! This week’s theme is “Singing in the Shower.” We posted songs we can’t get out of our head. Songs that we can’t help but sing while cleaning ourselves from the shame of the night before. Here are our choices for “Singing in the Shower.”

Alex’s Pick:

The Honor SystemI Want Candy

I don’t really sing in the shower (far too scared that someone may hear), however I do sing a lot in the car when I am alone. This is one of my favorite songs to rock out / sing along to. Interesting Fact: The day I figured out how to play this on guitar is the day I declare my life to be a pretty big success.

Austin’s Pick:

RatatatSeventeen Years

I chose this song because it’s features dance-rock synths doing what they do best: rock. This song is unbelievably catchy, and is the perfect song for when you are lathering up in the shower.

Ryan’s Pick:

Daft PunkFace to Face

One of Daft Punks underrated and unnoticed tracks. I love this one to death and can’t get it out of my head, especially when I’m all soapy and sudsy. I feel like Mr. Ferdlow, named repeatedly in the song, is a metaphor that can only be understood in the shower.

Zack’s Pick:

The Dell VikingsCome Go With Me

I used to listen to this song all the time in the car with my BFF/Second cousin Chris Rowe. When I was younger, I really only listened to oldies, motown, doowop, and things of that nature, as my dad and Chris’s day were big into those genres. This song may have been made before I was born, but that doesn’t mean I can’t completely rock out to it. The dum-dums are just the perfect words for shower singing, or singing in any situation.

Adrian’s Pick:

Ted Leo & the PharmacistsLittle Dawn

(Note: Adrian’s description was written by Zack since his computer is messed up.) I know we post way too much Ted Leo, but we just can’t get enough. This song brings you in from the fast-paced guitars in the beginning to the catchy, easily singable lyrics, making for a perfect shower song.

Again, sorry for the delay on this. We are taking suggestions for themes, so send us an email at if you want your theme used.

– The All Things Go Team (Zack, Adrian, Austin, Ryan, Alex)


12 Responses to Themed Thursday (Friday) – Singing in the Shower

  1. erik says:

    there aint nothing more badass and funny to think about than dancing to seventeen years in the shower…glorious

  2. I don’t know “I Want Candy” is a good one! But I think I’d say “Lovefool” by the Cardigans.

  3. dave. says:

    the honor system is awesome.. though i liked the broadways more.

  4. Nicki says:

    pshhh,you can never have too much Ted Leo

  5. Alex says:

    Dave, I agree. The Broadways were an amazing band and easily within my Top 5 favorites. However, when it comes to incredible guitar playing and some of Dan Hanaway’s best lyrics, I think The Honor System have them beat.

  6. the311saint says:

    For some reason I always end up with “Freak of the Week” going around in my head whilst in the shower. Can you maaaaakkkee me a promise… stop it before we begin. Will you hooooollldd on to my hand, if I ever lose it again?

    Though it can be anything that just gets into my head for that day. Usually only bad songs get stuck in my head real well, what’s up with that?

  7. Austin! says:

    I’am aware that Seventeen Years has no lyrics….i just sing the sythn….sing that synth!

  8. nicole s. says:

    little dawn, best shower song ever. excellent choice!

  9. Cha Johnson says:

    thats a hot pic. i choose 5,025,600 from the RENT soundtrack

  10. Austin! says:

    “5,025,600 from the RENT soundtrack”…I can’t wait to listen to that in the shower! good call


  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. Cassie says:

    5025600t48t46532u89? i can’t wait to hear that song explode into a million pieces and shatter thy ass of whoever wrote that song.

    but i must say that Lovefool is a good song

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