B&S + TNP = Love

Attention loyal readers: our bad. We need to post. I know many of you are craving the new music and are having ATG withdrawal. This past saturday, none other than yours truly turned 18, and, to celebrate, we took an All Things Go/Good Weather For Airstrikes vacation. To read about our weekend, check our Derek’s post over at GWFAS.

Tonight is going to be incredible. Three fifths of All Things Go (Adrian, Austin, and I) and all of GWFAS, along with loyal fans (and hotties) Claire and Suzanne, will be going to see none other than the great Belle & Sebastian, along with The New Pornographers (That was a long sentence. Again, my bad). While I do enjoy much of TNP’s music, I’d be lying if I said I liked them nearly as much as Stuart and the rest of B&S. I have been listening to these guys for years now, and I must say I absolutely adore their new album, The Life Pursuit. In my mind, they can do no wrong. So anyways, we will have a full concert writeup (along with pictures) up tommorow, so be patient.

I am posting 2 of my favorite Belle & Sebastian songs (one old and one new) along with possibly my favorite TNP song, just to whet your appetite (and make this post even slightly worthwhile). Enjoy.

Belle & Sebastian – The Boy With the Arab Strap [download or die]
Belle & Sebastian – Sukie in the Graveyard

The New Pornographers – Stacked Crooked

Also, on a side note, I seemed to have mislinked the Ted Leo songs, and instead of getting both songs, you just received two copies of Some Beginner’s Mind. So here is Army Bound, and sorry for the mistake.

Ted Leo/Rx – Army Bound


(Photo at top courtesy of www.belleandsebastian.com)

4 Responses to B&S + TNP = Love

  1. Mackenzie says:

    they are webcasting the concert at NPR.org

  2. Alex says:

    Those old farts sure are hip and with it when it comes to music.

  3. Anonymous says:

    uh, so basically you guys rock. period.

  4. Zack says:

    i love you anonymous, whoever you are.

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