Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

OK, so I know Chris from GvB just posted these tracks (here), but I didn’t want anyone who isn’t familiar with GvB to miss these. Mix-master and mashup-man (alliteration!) Dert has created an album by mixing together tracks from swedish-mexican heartthrob Jose Gonzalez’ debut, Veneer, with songs from numerous alt-hip-hop stars, including Common and Talib Kweli. The mashup album, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, will be available for purchase on March 7th, but Dert has released two downloadable songs from the album on his myspace page. The mashup of Gonzalez’ Heartbeats with The Light (by Erika Badu & Common) is my personal favorite, and looks to be the best track on the album. I have posted the two songs for download below, but you can also just download them from Dert’s myspace. In addition to that, I have posted the tracklisting for SIRS, just to get you all tittilated and whatnot. Check it out.

The Light + Heartbeats – Common feat. Erika Badu [download or die]
2 Words + Slow Moves – Kanye West feat. Mos Def & Freeway

Tracklisting for Sometimes I Rhyme Slow:

1) Go + All You Deliver – Common
2) Get Em High + Lovestain – Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli & Common
3) Good Mourning + Deadweight on Velveteen – Reflection Eternal
4) The Light + Heartbeats – Common feat. Erika Badu
5) Two Words + Slow Moves – Kanye West feat. Mos Def & Freeway
6) Dreams + Crosses – The Game
7) My Favorite Ladies + Remain – MF Doom
8) One Love + Stay in the Shade – Nas
9) The Greatest Show on Earth + Hints – Aceyalone


PS: I designed a little mini-banner, as you can see below (and also at the bottom of the page). This allows you guys to get an idea of what we look like. Just as a note, Adrian has long hair now and Austin is aware that his hat looks ridiculous. That is all.


3 Responses to Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

  1. Austin! says:

    My hat looks rediculous….dont you mean Alex’s

  2. Everett says:

    heartbeats + the light is amazing, and you guys look so adorable.

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