New Ted Leo/Rx Demos

My husband and favorite musician of all time, Mr. Theodore Leo, has released two demo tracks on his official site. If you know me, you know how excited I am. Ted Leo makes me all hot and bothered, and he could honestly record himself walking a dog and reading the newspaper and I’d still enjoy it, so take these demos with a grain of salt. I haven’t really given them a good hard listen yet, but Ted Leo can do no wrong in my book.

Here is the excerpt from their official site;

“Hey, so we’re going on tour next week, and new stuff isn’t as far along as I was dreaming it would be, but we have a few new ones that we’ll be playing, and I think that I got some good recordings of rough versions of two of them (especially ignore the guitar solos — they’ll get better) from yesterday’s practice, so I thought I’d share them wif yiz. I can’t get them both to load properly in the AUDIO section, so I put these two, “Army Bound” and “Some Beginner’s Mind” up on the TSS server. Hope you enjoy.”

On first listen, Army Bound seems to be the cleaner and all-around better song. The bass part is more defined in Army Bound than in most of Ted’s songs, and it works here. “Some Beginner’s Mind” is definitely a diamond in the rough, and will probably be one of the better tracks when it is polished and put on their upcoming album. Both are worth the download and definitely worth the [download or die] tag, if only because Ted made them.
Ted Leo/Rx – Army Bound [download or die]
Ted Leo/Rx – Some Beginner’s Mind [download or die]


(Note: You Ain’t No Picasso has also posted on these demos, with a longer description of each song. You can find the post here)

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