Streetlight Manifesto Fucked Again!

If you listen to any 3rd Wave ska (which let’s be honest, no one does) you should know who Streetlight Manifesto is/are. They came onto the scene 3ish years ago and a bunch of crazy ass fan boys and girls (like me at the time) practically jerked off to their CD, Everything Goes Numb. Besides making a pretty great CD, they also said that they would make ska stop sucking. Well they toured a lot that year and promised us a new CD within the next year. It never happened. They toured some more and promised us an amazing new CD. Still wasn’t happening. Finally, after close to two years, they reveal their new CDs plans. They are going to redo Keasbey Nights, a CD that pretty much topped the 90s in terms of 3rd Wave ska and was originally made by some of the members of Streetlight (mainly guitarist/vocalist Tomas Kalonky). Most of their fans rejoiced and said they would love to blow Tomas if he gave them a chance. At this point mine and others hardcore crushes on them started to wane.

Well that was a over a year ago, so what has happened since? They toured some more (big surprise), and possibly had the worst luck imaginable. Within the course of two months Streetlight Manifesto got over $80,000 worth of equipment and personal goods stolen. Not once, but TWICE. Damn. They finally did make the new record, but their bad luck was not done. Now it is on the internet, and I’ve got a copy.

Now I am going to say this straight up, this CD is pretty much bullshit. A couple of fancy new horn lines, lyrics, and additional parts do not justify remaking a CD in my book, let alone reselling it and expecting everyone to buy it at a full price. On a personal note there is none of the magic and emotion within this copy that could be found in the original. I mean seriously, the first time you record something it is because you care about it, re-records with “additions” are done almost purely for money. More importantly this additions aren’t even that significant, they hardly noticable unless you really have the original engraved in your brain like some of us do.

I don’t think anyone should have to pay for this CD, and as a result I am offering this version of Keasbey Nights to anyone who wants it on the lovely internet. Either E-mail me at or IM at RaHoustoun. Or if you really want to get your hands on a real copy go buy the original.



10 Responses to Streetlight Manifesto Fucked Again!

  1. Anonymous says:

    welllll just so you know, catch 22 and streetlight are on the same record label, victory records. victory was planning to re-release the original keasbey nights and when tomas heard the news he told them if they really are going to re-release it, they should let him re-do it. they gave him a go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Alex
    streetlight only re-did the album b/c catch 22 was going to re-release it with ONLY new album art. who wants to pay for a cd that you already have? I know i sure as hell don’t.Plus kalnoky always thought that the cd sucked soundwise.So he re-did it with streetlight.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are a fucking idiot. The re-release of Keasby Nights is summed up at the end of the 1234 1234. Instead of the throw outs to fans and families, they explain why they did it. They put there own time and money into it, and now its on sale (and has been since release) for 10 bucks (typical cd price is 15). Also, I really dont think they care that it got leaked. At the end, they say “we will continue doing what we are doing even if not one record is sold”. You are obviously not a true streetlight fan, or else you wouldve known this, and you would know the musically keasby nights II is way better than the origianl (not to mention tomas’ voice sounds alot better). I hope you die in a fire you know absolutely nothing yet you still think you cant post something about them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    in my opinion, im glad that they redid keasbey nights, cuz its one of my favorite cd’s and is done by the band i worship, i was glad to pay 13 bucks for it, and i think they redid it because they wanted the sound quality better. but thats just my opinion

  6. Gqumar says:

    It is true that the re-release of keasbey nights was sort of dissapointing in my opinion the original keasbey nights had heart songs like day in day out in the new version sound forced and fake i LOVED tomas’s raspy voice in catch 22 in my mind that was keasbey nights unique touch. overall its a matter of opinions listen to it like it, good for u then stfu. listen to it dont like thats also good then stfu.

  7. yOrch says:

    Man, you’re giving me a kick in the balls with your comment, that you didn’t the album at all doesn´t mean that you should free it on internet, I guess you have no idea of the magnitude of making a record, i guess you have no idea of how the things are, i think you’re fucked…
    But however tom answers guys like you all this sh!t you talk, in the album…

  8. Justin says:

    your opinion is just but ummm fuck you? i believe that the original keasbey nights was good but i wasn’t a fan. the new one tho is totally different, totally awesome, and totally worth it. i think it was a great decision to remake it. whether you like it or not, the NEW album to be released very soon hopefully, is going to be in my ears the first day out and should be in yours too. masters of suspence, they are. its killing me.

  9. bake it says:

    Wow… some of you are definatly crazy. this turned into an argument for no reason. calling each other stupid over a bands decisions IS stupid. A peice of advice to everyone is respect others oppinions.

  10. Dan Clark says:

    I wonder if “bake it” is a chef or just a stoner. My money’s on stoner judging by his spelling.

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