More Mash-Up Madness!: The Legion of Doom

And just when you thought mash-ups were only for indie hipsters…

The Legion of Doom do what nobody has done before (at least from what I know) and release Incorporated, a 14-track album comprised of mash-ups of your favorite emo jams! This duo has worked and produced for the likes of influential bands such as Saves the Day and Face to Face. Well, they technically didn’t release it. Just about every band used on the cd has bitched and complained about having their material used in such a manner and distributed on the internet. No worries though. TLoD leaked their own album to P2P networks (that means you can find these songs on Limewire and other similar programs), ensuring that listeners across the country get there hands on these songs.

What I like about Incorporated is that it includes artists from several different genres, including “emo” bands such as the Get Up Kids and Dashboard Confessional, more postmodern groups like Senses Fail, more aggressive bands such as Every Time I Die and Atreyu, and even a little hip-hop with Sage Francis. The majority of the mash-ups work out nicely. You can feel the prescence of each of the two artists in each track while also noticing the unique touch of the Legion of Doom. That is not to say the album is flawless. Song combinations such as Alkaline Trio’s “Stupid Kid” and Thrice’s “Kill Me Quickly” don’t work out to well and end up clashing with each other.

Nevertheless, I encourage all of you to get your hands on this album. You can find it anywhere: file sharing programs, torrent search engines, and if that doesn’t work you can just ask me for it (AIM: OnearmedScizzer). Incorporated is a unique take on the modern phenomenon known as the “mash-up” that you should not miss out on.

Here are a few tracks I enjoyed…

The Legion of Doom – Hands Down Gandhi (Dashboard Confessional vs Sage Francis)
The Legion of Doom – My Holiday Burn (Get Up Kids vs Matchbook Romance)
The Legion of Doom – Dangerous Business Since 1979 (Mewithoutyou vs Underoath)
The Legion of Doom – At Your Funeral for a Friend (Saves the Day vs Funeral for a Friend)

And in other mash-up/remix related news, here’s is the winner of that Thrice “Image of the Invisible” remix contest held a little while back. It’s pretty damn good. (Note: I just grabbed this off, so go there if you’d like to know more about the contest, winner, etc.)

Smile Future – Bombs Over Vheissu Matter


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