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Before I actually start talking about music, I’d like to fully draw your attention to picture on the left. Isn’t he just adorable? No really, that is one cute looking guy. I could stare into those eyes for hours, and I will be doing just that next Monday. Yay!

…Anyway enough about my creepy homoerotic crushes, let’s talk about music. As you may recall, Mr. Chris McCaughan makes music in a band called The Lawrence Arms, and they recently made a CD titled Oh! Calcutta. You may also recall that some people were kind of upset with this new CD (which is going to be available March 7, but can be preordered on Interpunk right now) because Chris seemed to shy away from the microphone. Well if you are one of those people, or just happen to enjoy good music, you’re in luck.

Earlier this year Chris launched his own acoustic solo project and, well, it is pretty damn awesome. Vocally, these songs are a lot more stripped down and cleaner than anything he has ever done with The Lawrence Arms and really serves as an example of how much he has improved in singing since his Tricky Dick days. Lyrically, I think these songs are a little weaker than some of his other stuff, but that is not to say they are in anyway bad. It is just happens to be quite a hard task to out do yourself in terms of writing when you are the guy who wrote The Raw and Searing Flesh and Chapter 13: The Hero Appears. As I stated above the only music besides Chris’s voice is his guitar. Just like his lyrics, the guitar parts a lot plainer than most of his previous work but this is not really a bad thing. Each of the below songs features a simple guitar line that doesn’t necessarily stand out. Instead, the guitar is used to more set the tempo and help carry the rest of the song a long. Wow, don’t I almost give the impression that I know what I’m talking about?

There has been no talk if Chris plans to release a solo CD, but each of these three tracks has an Album title (Sundowner), so who knows what the future holds. To learn more about Chris check out his Myspace. And now free music.

Chris McCaughan – The Sea of Lights [this is my favorite]
Chris McCaughan – Traffic Haze
Chris McCaughan – Your Self Portrait

P.S. The Lawrence Arms are currently on tour, I suggest you find out if they are playing near you and then go witness one of the better live shows I have ever seen.


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