Mexico + Totally Sweet Music and Photos

I recently traveled to Mexico with fellow ATG member Alex to sketch and photograph some of Mexico’s beautiful scenery and ancient ruins. Of course I took this trip as yet another excuse for me to compile a themed mix. I wont post the entire mix because it is entirely too long (and do you really need to download more Jose Gonzalez?) but instead just a few songs that I feel need to be recognized, and some pictures I took.

Neil Halstead- Two Stones In My Pocket
If you are a fan of early and mid 90’s music you might know Neil. Chances are you don’t, bescause lets be honest…ATG was not around in the early/mid 90’s ergo there was in fact no music. Neil Halstead started his musical career with Slowdive, and then Mojave 3 in the 90’s. Today Neil Halstead is one of Britain’s most respected song writers. Now I don’t know if it’s just that I’m a sucker for down tempo folk music on occasion, but this song has passed its way through my headphones an uncountable number of times. It doesn’t really have to do with Mexico, but it was perfect while sitting on the beach/attempting to kill myself on the plane with about 5 millimeters of leg room. Enjoy

2) Mice ParadeAnd Still It Sits
Mice Parade is Adam Pierce. He has really done a lot in the folktronica/experimental genres, mixing so many styles of music with drum machines, effects, and electronic compositions. This song was a very popular listen for all the long quite car rides from location to location.

3) Los Super Elegantes –Por Que Te Vas?
I found this song on Gorilla Vs. Bear quite a while ago and as soon as I found out I was going to Mexico it was the first song on the mix. If Belle & Sebastian were a Latin rock fiesta they would be Los Super Elegantes. This song just makes me want to get up dance and bust out into a face melting trumpet solo while beating a piñata with a guacamole oozing taco. Unfortunaltley I never got to fulfill this dream on the trip, but there’s always a next time.


2 Responses to Mexico + Totally Sweet Music and Photos

  1. Anonymous says:

    -2 pts for spelling (slowdive)

  2. Everett says:

    i love that neil halstead song, i have his album that song is from (Sleeping on Roads).

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