Thanks to David for introducing these guys to me. I love that now that I have a blog, people send me music. I get CDs in the mail. People e-mail me with new bands. I get handjobs from strangers. It’s just great.

Heypenny is a quartet that hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and it seems as though just a little bit of that country music vibe has rubbed off on them, though not too much. Their first album, Use These Spoons, is much more mature than most debuts of bands in their genre. The lead singer, Ben Elkins, has an absolutely beautiful voice, and the backup vocals, especially on “Let It Rain” are right on par with Ben’s. I have not bought the album yet, but I have scoured the internets, and with the help of a new reader, David, I now have five of their tracks. Given the fact that there are only 10 songs on Heypenny’s album, and that they probably want to make some money, I’ll only post 3 songs. These three are quite good, and I am expecting to see these guys ALL over the blogs in the coming weeks. I can’t believe I might’ve beaten anyone to the punch on these guys.

I must say that “Let It Rain” and “Walnut St. Bridge” are the gems of the album. Both have a very laid back feel and, while the instrumentals are quite stripped down, the vocals are absolutely phenominal. Also, the organ in “Let It Rain” is so gorgeous it makes me wish I owned an organ (or at least a piano. Fuck you mom and dad.) “Parade” is a much more energetic and danceable track, and has even more interesting vocals, as if that was possible. I can’t say enough about these guys. Every one of these songs is upbeat, and definitely deserving of the [download or die] tag.

Let It Rain [download or die]
Walnut St. Bridge [download or die]
Parade [download or die]

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6 Responses to Heypenny

  1. The Vandal says:

    Ever since I read your post I can’t get these 3 songs off repeat–completely badass

  2. Zack says:

    i am the exact same way. hey if you want those other 2 tracks, just im me at SmootIsMyIdol and ill send them right over

  3. phenom says:

    I bought this album and I can’t stop singing/dancing. These songs stay with you all day. This album is really written/produced well. I am kind of sick of the bands who are self-proclaimed as God’s gift to the world, and then you’re let down by the immature writing, poor produced music they bring to the table. This is one album that really has some homegrown quality and actually backs up their cred with their talk.

  4. phenom says:

    oh yah, I think the gems are Secreterror and Parade.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I also bought the album the other day. Where in the world did they come from? Secreterror is pure golden. This is some cool shit!

  6. Austin says:

    i love heypenny

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