A Warm Winter Day

Ok, so DC isn’t exactly known for harsh winters, but it’s getting to be kind of ridiculous. It’s January 30th and the average temperature today was 60 degrees. I was outside playing football in a t-shirt in shorts, and i was sweating (granted i sweat all the goddamn time). Anyways, Austin decided that since today was such a warm winter day, we must post a song to express this. Enter Lewis, another solid electro-pop band from Canada. This song is truly beautiful and relaxing, much like the weather here in the Nation’s capital. Trust me though, you don’t need to be in the Dirty District today to enjoy this track. Holla!

Lewis – A Warm Winter’s Day [download or die]

One Response to A Warm Winter Day

  1. Austin says:

    Thank you zack for posting this song on here….doesnt it fit the weather like a glove….i knew you would like it…awh yeah

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